Container Logistics

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Container Cabotage
Cabotage is the repositioning of empty containers from one region to another for the shipping lines /leasing agents – these can be used to containerise your loads. We offer a wide spectrum of Cabotage locally (Jhb, Dbn, Cpt, P.E etc.), and Overborder Cabotage (Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia etc.)

Container Sales
We can assist you with your container purchases in South Africa. This includes 20’ & 40’ GP’s/HC’s, Reefers, Open Tops, Converted containers etc.

Container Summary
Afnets container division supplies container logistics solutions to all areas within South Africa, and Overborder Regions. We Specialise in container rentals, cabotage, and sales. Please contact Michelle O’ Brien for any assistance in this regard Afnet Durban (Pty) Ltd

Container Rentals
We offer various Container rentals within South Africa

  • Jhb to Jhb or Dbn to Dbn or Cpt to Cpt
  • Jhb to Dbn/Cpt
  • Dbn to Jhb/Cpt
  • Cpt to Jhb/Dbn
  • P.E. to Jhb


We offer various Container rentals from South Africa with turn in options into overborder regions like Zambia & Zimbabwe

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