Terms & Conditions


Goods handled, warehoused and shipped at ‘Owners Risk’.
INSURANCE: All services and goods handled by Afnet cc are done at owner’s risk.
Afnet cc does not accept any liability for the insurance for such goods or services. It is further stated that all goods which are transported, handled, or stored on behalf our clients, should have adequate insurance cover on a “door to door at destination” basis, and should include all freight and customs costs. (Such cover shall be provided by the clients).’ Insurance’ facilities between yourselves and the Insurance companies can be arranged on your behalf on request and this should be agreed to in writing prior to loading. All excesses and premiums are for your account andÊ no liability whatsoever in the respect of claims being rejected for whatever reason shall be passed onto Afnet cc or any of its subcontractors.
All Cargo carried subject to our Terms and Conditions, which supersedes all other Terms and Conditions, which may be in place.
We are not responsible for breakages, theft, leakages, damages, scratches or dents whilst in storage or transit..
All cargo must be sufficiently packaged or crated to withstand transport under African road conditions.
Demurrage will be charged at a rate of R 4500.00 per vehicle per day or part thereof will be charged for vehicleÕs held at ports, agents, borders or offloading points for more than two consecutive days.
All prices quoted are based on current running and related costs, subject to adjustment to suit market trends, including Exchange Rate hikes and Tariffs, without prior notice.
Excludes export clearance (exiting RSA only) fee of R300 per load and document fee of R 400 / set.
DRC and Angola Cargo attracts a 50% upfront payment and balance 14 days on POD.
New accounts are strictly payment in full in advance, thereafter terms can be negotiated subject to credit approval.
Rates valid for a period of 14 days only.
Abnormal quotations based on information as stated. Should these differ to actual dimensions/weights of cargo then the quote will be null & void.
All quotes subject to vehicle availability and suitability.
Consol Cargo based on cargo being delivered to our Warehouse.
Deliveries of consol cargo weighing less than 8000 kg will be made to a central warehouse at destination. Door to door deliveries will only be made if cargo weight exceeds 8000 kg or by special arrangement.
Exporter to confirm that importer has nominated an import clearing agent and all necessary permits, duties etc are in place prior to cargo arrival at the import border. If this is not done the exporter is responsible for all and any standing time charges applicable.
Afnet cc is not liable nor accepts any fines or penalties for incorrect tariffing on Bills of Entry, whether completed by your company or on request by Afnet cc. Any charges to this effect will be for your account.
Afnet cc does not accept any costs / charges / or deductions from their final bill for any delays for any reason whatsoever for plants standing, penalties, penalty clauses or loss of revenue due to late delivery.
Collection rates provided on request.
Rates exclude any import clearing, taxes, duties or surcharges applicable at final destination – Importer to nominate import agent at the border.
This quote, unless otherwise specified, is for Non hazardous cargo. Certain Hazchem cargo is subject to a 13 % surcharge Ð subject to confirmation on a per quote basis.
Afnet cc will not be held responsible at all for spillages or clean up services, costs or third party claims related to this in respect of any accident or incident that may occur in the transportation of Hazardous goods on our vehicles or any appointed subcontractor vehicles of Afnet ccÊ from collection to delivery points. This remains the clients responsibility.
Afnet cc undertakes transport as neither a common carrier nor freight forwarder.
According to the Customs Act 91 of 1964 as amended (section 39 (1)(c)), every entry which is cleared through Customs, must be accompanied by a Clearing Instruction.Please ensure that every load coming through the border has a completed clearing instruction. Customs will reject any file which does not have Clearing instructions. Any fines imposed as a result of no Clearing Instructions or incorrect information will be for your account.
Afnet cc makes use of subcontractors to carry cargo.
In contracting Afnet cc for the transport of cargo / vehicles / goods as quoted, constitutes acceptance of all the Terms and Conditions above.


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