• Period 2010 – 2011 Level 6
  • Period 2013 – 2016 Level 5

Health & Safety and Environmental

  • 3 staff completed Medical Aid Courses
  • 1 staff member is a qualified Nurse
  • 2 HSE Officers
  • 3 Licensed staff certified to operate a forklift in excess of 45 tons
  • 2 additional Licensed staff certified to operate a forklift in excess of 7 tons
  • 1 Abnormal cargo specialist
  • All staff involved in loading and handling cargo have been issued with PPE
  • We have an environmental policy and staff are encouraged to;
       – Conserve electricity
       – Conserve paper
       – Be responsible in their actions to the environment
  • We contract the company Wasteman to handle all our waste responsibly
  • We contract the company Redisa to handle our scrap tyres responsibly
  • We have a contract with Mondi Recycling so all waste paper is recycled
  • We also have a full grease trap and separation pit
  • All vehicles go through safety and mechanical inspection before being dispatched to loading point and drivers PPE is checked to ensure that they have all the required PPE.

Code of Conduct – Ethics

  • We adhere to a strict code of ethics
  • All business transactions are honest and ethical
  • We practice confidentiality and efficiency
  • If we are at fault or there is an error on our side the client is advised
  • Errors in tracking are corrected
  • Anyone associated or employed or contracted to Afnet will be dismissed if they are in breach
  • View our Code of Conduct Policy

Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy


DPS March (Africa)

Workman’s Compensation


  • Same insurer for 11 years
  • Insured with Select Independent Insurer’s
  • Underwritten by Transit Underwriting
  • Tailor made insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance R10 million
  • Carriers Liability Cover R2 million
  • G.I.T. Insurance Cover R500 000
  • Insurance certificated available on request

Licensed Bonded Carriers

  • Afnet are licensed with customs to carry bonded cargo
  • Remover codes are available on request


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